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How to find the Best Landscapers in Prosper, TX

Finding a qualified and trustworthy landscaper or landscape designer is sometimes a long and risky process. Once you have decided to invest money for improvements to your home or business, you may feel timid because you have little knowledge about the services needed, how much it will cost or who is qualified to perform the work. Many people just want to know how to find the best at whatever service they need, wherever they are looking for it. This article will focus on how to find the best landscapers in Prosper, TX; however, you can use most of these tips to help find the best company for any service you’re looking for.


Search Google

Do a quick Google search for “landscapers prosper tx“. Using the “prosper tx” location qualifier next to the service or keyword you are searching for will help narrow search results to those landscapers located in or very nearby Prosper, Texas.

Do another Google search for “landscape designers prosper tx“. Why? Because Google uses categories and semantic words to understand what a business is and the words landscape designer and landscaper are 2 different categories with very similar meanings. This second search is helpful because it will list more local companies that offer landscape design services as well or as a specialty. This is beneficial to those looking for a landscaper to install shrubs, trees or sod grass, but they have no knowledge of the different plant varieties, water and soil requirements or where these plants will thrive in the landscape. Believe it or not, most general landscapers and lawn care services don’t have this knowledge; however, landscape designers do and can save you lots of research time trying to find the right plants and money that it would cost you to replace dead plants down the road.


Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important to any business because they build trust and most consumers will read reviews before using a business. Generally speaking, the best landscapers will have some reviews, but not always. Why? Because expecting a customer to write a review about you, even if you did an amazing job, requires them to take time out of their already busy schedule. Typically, people who hire a service to perform work for them are too busy to do it themselves, so to think that they would pay you and take the time to give you a review is not very likely.


Beware of Fake Reviews (good or bad)

As stated previously, reviews are difficult to get and you are not allowed to ask, pay, offer incentives or discounts to customers for reviewing your business. Given that, you should be aware that some reviews are not real, so take the time to compare the number of reviews across business listings to see if anything stands out. For example, if a business has 100 reviews and most other businesses who offer the same services have only 10 reviews, then you should be skeptical and do further research about those reviews and the company before hiring them. After researching, you will likely find that most good landscape design and build companies in the Prosper area will have somewhere between 5-20 reviews and lawn care companies may have significantly more because they mow lawns and have many more customers.


Home Advisor or Angie’s List profiles

Listing a business on Home Advisor, Angie’s List or similar home-services websites is fine for a business just starting out to increase visibility or who can’t get work on their own through either marketing or reputation. However, just be aware that the business you’re hiring to do the work is paying these companies for leads and it’s in the best interest of these companies to promote and give awards to the business like “Best Landscaper 2018” to sell more services to consumers. The landscape business may actually be very good at what they do and perhaps just don’t have the budget or know-how to market themselves on their own, but don’t make your decision to hire them based on that shiny award badge you see on the website.


Do they have a Website

In this day and age, anyone can have a website. They are cheap and easy to make with page builders. Any business who has been around for a while or plans to be around in the future will and should have a website.


Do they have a Blog

Blogging is very time consuming and any company who has a website and takes the time to create frequent landscaping blogs indicates that they are knowledgeable and committed to their business and the people they serve.

How Long in Business

How long a company has been in business is a good thing to consider before hiring a landscaping professional. However, it doesn’t mean that they are the best landscapers or have really been in business for as long as they claim. Anyone can claim to have been in business for 10 years on their website, so do your research and don’t believe everything you read.


Are they Insured

Reputable companies will register their business with the state of Texas, pay sales and income taxes and have liability insurance. If they don’t, look elsewhere because most lawn care and landscaping companies are in business on average 1-2 years and if they cause damage to property or people, you are likely on your own.


Do they Answer or Respond

Not every business has a customer service agent to answer calls during business hours. It can be a good sign if they do, but if they don’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t great landscapers or a trustworthy business. Now, if you leave a voicemail, send an e-mail or submit your information on their website contact us form during business hours and you don’t hear back for 2-3 days or at all, then you should expect the same response after hiring them.


Is there a Warranty

If you are hiring a landscaper to install plants or a mortared stone garden wall, for example, ask if they have a warranty. Sometimes plants die due to improper planting or placement and stone walls can and will crack due to ground shifting if they don’t have a concrete footing with rebar and you will bear the expense of replacing or repairing those things if no warranty is offered. Most reputable landscaping companies will provide you with a warranty of 1 year on trees, 30 days for shrubs and other plants. Seasonal annuals do not typically come with a warranty.


Who Should I Hire

The truth is, most lawn care and landscaping companies offer similar services, competitive pricing and hire qualified workers to complete the work. They may all appear to be the same. So, to find the best landscapers in Prosper, TX you will need to narrow down the list of potential companies using the previous tips in this post and ask yourself this 1 question; What am I hiring someone to do for me? If you need someone to mow your lawn, hire a lawn care service. If you need large trees pruned, hire a tree care service. If you need general maintenance like installing much or shrub pruning, a lawn care service or landscaper can usually do the job. If you plan to make a more significant investment in your landscaping with plant installation and/or stonework, paver patio or other hardscaping, then hire a Prosper landscape design company who offers landscaping installation services as well.


In Conclusion

Use the tips in this blog to narrow your search for the best landscapers in Prosper, TX or your property location. Hire a company who specializes in what you want them to do for you, rather than looking for a “jack of all trades” company who is more likely to be mediocre at everything.

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