Landscaping Installation & Construction - Prosper, TX

Sol Vida Landscaping offers expert landscaping installation & construction services in Prosper, TX and the nearby areas. If it’s time to spruce up your flower beds in the front yard, upgrade your backyard patio and landscaping or start from scratch with a new landscape design, our team is ready and able to work with you to turn your landscaping ideas into reality.

We have a team of knowledgeable and qualified professionals with specialty skill sets in a multitude of landscaping & construction disciplines ranging from simple plant installation to custom stone masonry. We can create garden beds for planting, install stone borders to surround landscaped areas, paving for patios & pathways, lay new sod grass and much more.

Choose Sol Vida Landscaping for professional landscaping installation in Prosper, TX and all of your outdoor needs.

Landscaping with boulder stone rocks around Frisco, TX swimming pool with cedar arbor and low maintenance plants and trees designed by Sol Vida Landscaping company.
"We had a great experience working with Sol Vida on the landscaping in our front yard. They made everything so easy and stress-free. Everyone was really professional and they communicated with us the whole way through. The finished landscaping was exactly what we had asked for and the plants were gorgeous! We will definitely be calling them back when we're ready to do the backyard."
- Jennifer C., Prosper

Landscaping Installation Services

  • Flower Bed Borders
  • Creating Garden Beds
  • Planting Shrubs & Trees
  • Patio Paving
  • Paving Walkways & Pathways
  • Laying Sod
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Color Rotation Programs
  • Garden Fountains

Flower Bed Borders

Installing borders around flower beds or garden beds is the best way to prevent erosion and protect plantings from invading weeds,
grasses and pests. We install stone and steel borders of all kinds.

For budget friendly borders, we have access to residential and commercial grade steel edging in grades and colors that you won’t find
at the local hardware store.

The best looking and longest lasting flower bed borders are made of stone. Our stone masonry team can install flower bed borders made
of elegant natural stones and colored mortars that are sure to enhance the look of your landscaping and complement the architecture
of your home or business.

Creating Garden Beds

Whether you would like to create a raised garden bed for edible plants or install a traditional garden bed for seasonal flowers,
perennials, ornamental shrubs and trees, having a unique planting space is essential for optimal plant health. Having a separate
space for your plants will create the best foundation for plant root systems, allowing you to control the quality of your soil,
delivery of needed nutrients, efficiency of your watering and drainage and allow you to capture the appropriate sunlight for your

Our Prosper, TX landscaping installation team can create garden beds and flower beds of all shapes and sizes for your home or
business. We’ll remove existing grass in the proposed planting area, cultivate the clay soil with a tiller, and enrich the soil by
adding compost and sand for good drainage.

Planting Shrubs & Trees

A garden bed wouldn’t be complete without adding colorful ornamental plants and a layer of fresh mulch. When you hire Sol Vida
Landscaping to install your new landscaping plants, you can always count on receiving superior plants from a local commercial
nursery. We have access to a wide variety of Texas native trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, annuals, perennials and more.

Paving Patios & Pathways

We offer stone & paving installation services for patios and walkways. We can design and construct patios and walkways made of
natural flagstone, brick or interlocking pavers.

The best way to create elegance and ensure long lasting functionality in your outdoor space is to install a natural stone or
interlocking paver patio or walkway. Outdoor living areas made of stone will last many decades and are sure to boost resale ROI
(return on investment).

A popular choice for many of our Prosper, TX clients is creating pathways made of dry-laid flagstone and loose decomposed granite.
It’s a budget-friendly option that offers a finished look and creates flow through less traveled areas of the lawn and landscape like
muddy side yards or utility areas.

Laying Sod

Laying new sod grass is the fastest and easiest way to renew a worn out lawn. In a matter of hours, a muddy weed infested yard can be
transformed in to a beautiful green lawn.

Let our professional sod installation team refresh your lawn with new sod grass. We can have a new Bermuda, Zoysia or St. Augustine
lawn installed at your home or business in just a few hours.

Seasonal Flowers & Color Rotation Programs

Our seasonal flowers are the best around. We have partnered with local growers who offer an enormous selection of the freshest
flowers in north DFW.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to add seasonal color to your flower beds for a special occasion or a commercial property in need
of a color rotation program and seasonal color design, we have you covered. We’ll share our access to the highest quality and
quantities of annuals, perennials and tropical plants around.

Mulch Installation

We install & deliver both wood and stone mulches suitable for just about any area of the landscape.

Shredded wood mulch makes the perfect canvas for lively and colorful plant life in landscape and garden beds. It also offers
protection and enrichment benefits to plants and soils alike acting as an insulator to plant roots, conserving irrigation water and
enriching soils with organic matter. We install shredded hardwood and cedar native mulches as well as color-enhanced mulches.

Stone mulches are excellent wood and grass alternatives for the landscape and lawn. Installing stone mulches in landscape beds
eliminates the recurring expense of refreshing wood mulches seasonally and are an economical grass alternative in areas of the lawn
where grass won’t grow due to lack of sunlight, steep grades, insufficient irrigation or poor drainage. Some of the stone mulches
that we install are river rock, gravel, crushed stone and decomposed granite.

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