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If you’re searching for shrub & tree trimming services near Prosper, TX, search no further. Sol Vida Landscaping offers professional bush trimming and tree pruning services. Our highly trained service team knows how and when to prune your landscaping plants¬†and will apply industry best practices when trimming your trees & bushes to make your landscaping look its absolute best.

Ornamental trees & bushes should be lightly trimmed 3 to 4 times per year. In our mild North Texas climate pruning can be done year-round without harming plants; although, ideal times of the year are spring and winter. Generally speaking, more frequent and light pruning of your landscaping plants is better than less frequent deep pruning.

Below you will find details about our Prosper, Texas tree & shrub pruning  services.

Shrub Tree Pruning Prosper TX
"They trimmed up our messy front yard hedges and cleaned the landscaping beds and topped with mulch. Everything looked great in just a couple of hours time."
- Stephanie K

Bush & Shrub Trimming

We will shear and shape all bushes, hedges and shrubs as well as make shape training cuts with commercial grade hedge trimmers and pruning shears. Any dead, diseased, broken or crossover branches are removed with loppers.

As a standard practice, we do not top or level Crape Myrtle trees or large ornamental grasses such Pampas Grass, unless prior arrangements were made with our customer service team when scheduling the appointment.

Tree Shaping

Our team will shape the exterior of small trees up to 12′ in height using gas-powered hedge trimmers and loppers according to the natural growth habit and health of the tree.

Tree Pruning

We “limb up” or “crown lift” the canopies of small trees up to 12′ in height with loppers and hand saws. In addition, we will prune any branches that are dead, diseased, broken or crossover with others interfering with the natural growth habit of the tree.

We do not use gas-powered chain saws.

Bed Clean-Up

With our bed clean-up service we will hand pull large weeds, light amounts of grass as well as remove leaves and debris in the landscaped bed areas. Excessive grass and weed growth is cut as low as possible with a string trimmer.

We also offer leaf removal from lawn areas where we will hand rake and bag the leaves.

Debris Disposal: We bag all clippings in bio-degradable lawn bags, cut and bundle branches in 3′ lengths and leave curbside for city pickup. We supply lawn bags at no additional charge. Off-site disposal is available upon request for an additional charge.

Call on Sol Vida Landscaping for expert tree & bush trimming services in Prosper, Texas at affordable rates.

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