Pergola Installation in Prosper Texas

Pergola & Arbor Construction - Prosper, TX

Sol Vida Landscaping offers high quality pergola and arbor construction services in Prosper, TX. If you’re looking for a local pergola contractor to install a cedar wood pergola or arbor in your Prosper, Texas backyard, we can help.

Our pergola specialists work with Western Red Cedar wood and composite wood materials to construct your outdoor shade structure with quality craftsmanship.

Custom Pergola Design

Our Prosper, TX design team uses 3d technology to bring your custom pergola design to life. Your design will display the location, size and shape of your pergola in relation to your home. In addition, our design can also include custom options such as stone columns, decorative wood end cap styles and specific stain color details.

Pergola Stone Columns

Our seasoned stone masonry crew can customize pergola columns and posts with stone to compliment other hardscaping upgrades. Some of the stone column options available are chopped stone, stone veneer and builders stone.

Pergola End Cap Styles

Our pergola building team can custom cut several wood end cap styles on pergola header boards and rafter boards in style cuts like bevel, miter, corbel and scallop.

Pergola Design
Stone Columns Around Pergola Post
Decorative Cut Pergola End Caps

What is the purpose of a pergola?

A pergola offers a sheltered and shaded area while still allowing natural sunlight and breeze to filter through your outdoor living space. The delicate balance of these elements makes a pergola an ideal sitting area to enjoy with family and friends at your Prosper, Texas home.

What type of pergola is best?

The best type of pergola is built from cedar wood. Lightweight and suitable for exposure to the elements, cedar wood is the best material option for a pergola or arbor construction. In addition, cedar wood provides a wonderful aroma and is naturally resistant to rot and insects.

Who builds pergolas?

Most outdoor living contractors and landscape construction companies like Sol Vida Landscaping build wood pergolas and arbors.

Contact Sol Vida Landscaping today if you’re searching for a highly rated pergola installer near Prosper, TX.

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