Hardscaping Upgrades in North Dallas

5 Hardscaping Upgrades to Increase DFW Home Values

If you’re ready to sell or simply invest in your DFW home, consider investing in your landscaping and hardscaping. The biggest “return on investment” for outdoor improvements will be hardscaping.

Hardscaping is essentially any element in your landscaping that is not alive. This would include any structures created using stone, rock or metal. These hardscaping elements are most often installed for practical purposes or to enhance the overall usability of a landscape.

In this article, We’ll review 5 different hardscaping upgrades that will increase your DFW home value and ROI.

Landscaped Beds with Stonework

Stonework Around Landscape Beds

Landscape beds with beautiful plants are essential when creating curb appeal for your home.

However, installing stonework around landscape beds simply adds another layer of elegance and value to a landscape. Installing stone edging around a landscape bed will help to keep the grass from growing into the bed as well as help retain soil and mulch.

An economical way to add stonework to your landscape beds would be to install small boulders or natural chopped stone around the perimeter. For a high-end look that can blend with the look of your home, install mortared chopped stone with a brick cap.

Refinishing Concrete

Refinish Concrete Surfaces

Depending on the age of your home, a poured concrete patio, driveway or pathways might be cracked or worn. A relatively inexpensive way to bring surfaces back to life is simply to refinish concrete patio surfaces. You can enhance the look of concrete patio surfaces by adding new concrete on top known as an overlay, painting the concrete or even stamp & stain the concrete to look like natural stone.

Install a Stone Patio

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by enhancing the outdoor living space in your backyard.

If your home has a basic postage stamp concrete patio, expand it and consider the cost to install stone patio paving, it’s worth it. If possible, use better patio paving materials such as flagstone, travertine or pavers on top of the concrete to create a more usable and lasting patio.

Flagstone Pathway

Create Stone Pathways

Creating stone pathways provide a stylish and practical way to navigate your landscaping. A carefully planned stone pathway can provide a homeowner an easy way to navigate between their back and front yards.

A stone pathway can also lend an elegant touch to a small backyard landscape by directing you to a special destination such as a bench under a shade tree. Depending on your budget, stone pathways can be as simple as laying flagstone in the grass or as involved as building a paver or stone walkway with a foundation like you would in a patio area.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

The ultimate way to add value to your home would be to build an outdoor kitchen. By having a kitchen outside, you add more usable living space to your home, which will increase your homes value.

Building an outdoor kitchen is a significant investment and can include multiple surfaces with a grill, sink, drawers and a refrigerator. If your going to do your project in stages, we suggest putting your money into a grilling station with a gas grill first. Then later you can expand on your grilling station by adding other components like a pizza oven, sink, drawers and refrigerator.

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