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If you’re searching for a sod installation company in Prosper, TX who installs top quality sod grass that is free of weeds and pests, look no further. Sol Vida Landscaping delivers & installs Bermuda, Zoysia and St. Augustine. These are the warm-season grasses that thrive in our far north Dallas area.

It’s important to hire a professional landscaper who is proficient at laying sod grass and has access to fresh-cut farm sod because the timing between harvest and installation is critical. Once harvested at the farm, sod rolls should be installed within 1 to 2 days, depending on the time of year. That’s why we never buy or install sod sitting on pallets in the parking lot of local home improvement stores. Our premium sod is delivered fresh from local sod farms and installed the same day at your home or business.

Sol Vida Landscaping offers professional sod installation services in Prosper, TX and nearby areas. Call 469-305-2959 today for the best sod installation pricing.

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"The grass in our front yard stopped growing as the large trees matured. Sol Vida came out to take a look at the yard and recommended we install Zoysia. They took the time to explain their recommendations to me so I felt confident about what I would be getting. I was thrilled with the quality of sod they installed, it was really healthy looking and very lush. They sent me all the information I would need to manage the watering. It's now been a few weeks and my new grass looks great."
- Robert S., Propser

Benefits of New Sod Grass

  • Instant lawn, instant gratification
  • Less care & watering compared to grass seed
  • Less chance of weed infestation compared to grass seed
  • Won’t wash away like grass seed
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Newly sodded lawns withstand foot traffic immediately
  • Comes with a warranty

Bermuda Sod

Common Bermuda is the grass variety of choice for nearly all new home builders in the Prosper, TX area. It’s a thin-blade turfgrass that should only be installed in areas of the lawn with full sun. The Common Bermuda variety is drought-tolerant, disease resistant, widely available and the least expensive compared to Zoysia and St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Sod

Raleigh St. Augustine variety is most commonly installed in our area. It’s a medium-blade turfgrass that can be installed in areas of the lawn with partial sun.

Palmetto St. Augustine variety can also be installed in areas of the lawn with partial sun. It’s considered the most cold and shade tolerant St. Augustine grass and has a finer texture than the others.

Zoysia Sod

Zorro Zoysia grass is popular in our area because it blends well with Bermuda grass and grows well under trees where Bermuda struggles. It’s a medium-blade turfgrass that can be installed in areas of the lawn with either sun or shade. Zoysia sod is more expensive compared to Bermuda and St. Augustine; however, it will likely require less water and maintenance than the others.

Sod Installation Process

On the day of installation, fresh sod will be delivered to your home and our team will prepare and grade the area for installation.

  • Test irrigation system (initial);
  • Flag sprinkler heads and valve covers;
  • Remove existing weeds/grass (if necessary);
  • Roto-till installation area;
  • Grade and smooth installation area;
  • Install and roll new sod;
  • Test irrigation system (final);
  • Send watering instructions for your new sod.

Sod Consultation

If you’re not sure what sod variety or how much sod is needed, we can meet with you on-site for a sod consultation. During the consultation, we will survey the property and make recommendations for the most suitable sod variety based on soil type, grading, available irrigation and sun exposure. If the installation area has been subject to severe erosion or needs leveling, we can determine if additional soil is needed for grading as well as take detailed measurements to calculate the total square footage of the sod needed for installation.

Soil Preparation

Preparing the soil is the most time consuming and important part of the process. Without proper soil preparation, new sod grass will not take root and will die within a very short period of time.

During the soil preparation process, we will flag sprinkler heads and valve boxes and then test your sprinkler system for proper operation. Following that, we will remove any existing grass and weeds, till the soil, add any new soil required for leveling and grade the area.

Laying Sod

We will install the sod pieces in a staggered pattern to ensure proper drainage, carefully cut around sprinkler heads and valve covers and then we will use a heavy sod roller to ensure good soil contact. After that, we will remove flags, test the sprinkler system again for proper operation, water the new sod and leave you with detailed information about the ongoing care of your new sod.

*For additional information about sod care & maintenance, see our post caring for sod grass.

FREE and FAST ESTIMATES: If you already know the type of sod you need and the approximate square footage to be installed, we can provide fast and convenient sod installation cost estimates for your project over the phone (469-305-2959) or by email when you submit your information on our contact form.

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