Landscape Design Ideas for Small Backyards

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you have a small backyard space, installing new landscaping is one of the best ways to bring it to life. Sometimes adding new landscaping to a small backyard can be tricky and end up looking and feeling even smaller without proper planning. Investing in a landscape design plan will help you make better choices for a small backyard area and can even make the space appear larger and bring function on even the smallest budget.

Landscaping on a Budget

Landscaping a Tiny Backyard on a Budget

When landscaping a tiny backyard on a budget, you will need to prioritize and possibly break your master plan into stages if you can’t afford to complete the entire project all at once. We would recommend starting with a landscape design plan for plantings and hardscaping.

In a small space, rather than sacrificing precious square footage and a big budget on creating garden beds, consider using planters instead. Another budget friendly option would be to install a seating area or building a pathway with gravel or decomposed granite.

Small Backyard Landscaped Without Grass

Small Backyard Ideas No Grass

If you have a small backyard with no grass, installing artificial turf is an easy way to add the look and feel of traditional grass to your backyard area. The cost of installing artificial turf is significant, so consider using it in a small area of your yard only.

Perhaps you prefer to keep your small backyard free of grass altogether. Another option would be to use ground cover plantings throughout the yard to provide you with a more landscaped look that also prevents erosion.

Finally, you can always install decomposed granite or river rock with stepping stones made of flagstone or concrete to create pathways or stone paved patio areas for your yard. Consider installing plants between these areas to complete the look.

Small Landscaped Backyard with Pool

Small Backyard Ideas with Pool

Landscaping around a pool in a small backyard can be challenging. Most of the time a pool dominates the space and limits your landscaping choices.

If you want to maximize what little space you have, it’s a good idea to use decorative container pots for planting instead of creating larger flower bed areas that take up valuable space. The great thing about outdoor plant container gardening is that smaller plants appear larger because they’re elevated a bit and take up much less space than a larger plants of the same height that would be installed in the ground. In addition, you can move planters around to experiment to make more space and even bring them indoors for shelter during colder months.

Another great way to conserve space and create flexibility in smaller areas is to install items that can be moved easily. For example, instead of having a stone firepit installed try using a lighter weight steel fire pit or a BBQ grill with wheels rather than a stone BBQ grilling station.

Modern Landscape Design in Small Yard

Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Modern landscape design tends to have straight lines and minimal, but significant plantings. Modern landscape design is perfect for small spaces because it deliberately focuses interest on specific elements.

Rock and color also play a key role in modern design. For example, you will often see black rock being used against large white concrete stepping stones. Also, using colored container pots to accent feature plants is a great modern landscape design idea for small backyard spaces.

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