Best Patio Paving Materials for North TX

Best Patio Paving Materials for North TX

Once you have decided to invest in a new patio space for your north Texas backyard, selecting the right patio paving materials is crucial and will directly affect the cost of stone patio paving installation. There is no shortage of options when it comes to material and construction style and it can be overwhelming for any customer. We will try to simplify the process for you and outline some factors to help show you why concrete, pavers and natural stone are best patio paving materials for north TX.


Concrete is comprised of a combination of cement and an aggregate (rock, sand, gravel). When mixed with water, it solidifies to create an incredibly durable and solid paving surface. For a patio space, concrete should be poured to a depth of at least 4 inches and reinforced with rebar. Concrete can be finished in many ways. Finishing touches are typically added just before the concrete fully sets. A standard broom finish is the most common way to complete concrete and is achieved by passing a broom across the surface to create small, visible brush strokes. Another finishing method is to apply a salt finish to the concrete. Large salt pieces are scattered across the concrete surface and left in place. As the concrete is watered, the salt dissolves leaving decorative holes to create a porous look. Finally, concrete can also be finished with a stain to achieve a desired color and stamped to provide the illusion of natural stone.


Paver patios most often refer to the process of installing concrete pavers on top of a solid base in various patterns. When installing a paver patio, the pavers will need to be set on top of a solid base to guard against sinking and shifting. This solid base can be either a concrete slab, compacted decomposed granite or road base material. If decomposed granite is being used, granite should be compacted to a minimum depth of 4 inches. Once the solid surface is in place, approximately 1 inch of sand should be added before pavers are installed. After the pavers are in place, traditional sand or synthetic polymeric sand is brushed in between the pavers and dampened to seal the gaps between the pavers.

Natural Stone

Similar to paver patios, natural stone such as travertine or flagstone can also be installed on top of a concrete or decomposed granite surface and finished with sand or grout. When using natural stone, we recommend using stone that is at least 2 inches thick to prevent stonework cracking from the weight of foot traffic and outdoor furniture. Keep in mind that this type of stone has a natural look and texture as compared to more polished stone patio materials such as pavers and concrete.

In addition to selecting the best patio paving materials for your north TX backyard, don’t forget to consider the style that best suits you and your landscaping, the ongoing maintenance involved with the patio along with the overall installation costs. If the process still seems overwhelming to you, then consider using a professional north Dallas landscaping company who can design and install the patio for you.

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