Featured Spring Blooming Plants

Featured Spring Blooming Plants

Spring is here! After a winter spent looking at bare trees, empty garden beds and brown, dormant grass, we long for blooming and green plants. We have included a list below of 3 featured spring blooming plants for Prosper, Texas.

Redbud Trees

One of the first blooms we see as spring arrives will be from the Texas native Redbud tree. While many Redbud trees bloom with white flowers, it’s the dark pink ones that we seem to notice in our area each spring. The flowers are small but cover the entire branching structure. The blooming cycle doesn’t last more than two weeks, but enjoy each day because they won’t be back again until next year. The Redbud tree is considered a small, ornamental tree maturing only to about 20 ft. The Redbud is a very reliable tree in our area and has the added benefit of offering varieties with both green and purple leaves. This tree is a great choice to consider when designing a new landscape.

Indian Hawthorn Shrubs

Most of our garden beds are filled with reliable evergreen shrubs. These shrubs play a very crucial role in landscaping as they provide consistent foliage and “proof of plant life” during the winter when everything else has gone to sleep. Our eyes become accustomed to the consistent green of these shrubs, so it’s particularly special when one of these shrubs decides to change things up a bit and bloom. The Indian Hawthorn shrub is another early bloomer, with different varieties offering pink or white blooms. Just like the Redbud tree, the blooms don’t last more than two weeks. The Indian Hawthorn is a lower growing shrub maturing to between 3-5 foot tall and wide.

Drift Roses

Growing traditional roses in North Texas is a challenge for many a green thumb. For those who enjoy the beauty of a rose bloom but lack the knack, consider planting a Drift Rose. Another early spring bloomer, the Drift Rose is considered a small shrub growing about 18 inches tall and wide. Available in a large variety of bloom colors, this is a great plant to use around the borders of a garden bed and can be enjoyed as a single plant or planted in large groupings. One of the single greatest attributes of the Drift is its blooming capacity. While most blooming plants have a short cycle, the Drift Rose blooms consistently from early spring through late fall.

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