Sod Cost in North Dallas

How Much Does Sod Cost in North Dallas?

If you are a home owner in the North Dallas area, the care and ongoing maintenance of your sod is a constant consideration. At some point, you may need to replace your existing sod due to poor soil conditions, erosion, not enough sunlight or a lack of caring for the sod.

If you’re in the market for new lawn installation one of the first questions you’ll need answered is; How much does sod cost in North Dallas? The best way to find the answer is to start by reading this article and then search for sod installation near me and call the listed local landscaping companies for a quote.

Pallet of Sod in North Dallas

How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Cost?

A pallet of sod will range in cost depending on the grass variety, sod quality, quantity purchased, transport needs and where you buy the new sod from. If you’re buying warm-season sod grasses in the North Dallas area you can expect to pay between $225 and $500 for both the pallet of sod and the delivery.

Bermuda Sod Grass

How Much Does a Pallet of Bermuda Sod Cost?

The cost for a pallet of Bermuda sod will vary depending on which grass variety you choose. If you live in the far North Dallas area you’ll likely choose between Common, Celebration and Tifway 419 Bermuda grass varieties.

You can expect to pay between $225 and $325 for a pallet of Bermuda sod delivered to your home.

Zoysia Sod Grass

How Much Does a Pallet of Zoysia Sod Cost?

Zoysia sod is typically the most costly and prices will fluctuate depending on whether you choose Palisades, Zorro or Emerald Zoysia grass variety. 

The cost for a pallet of Zoysia sod delivered will be around $325 and $375.

St. Augustine Sod Grass

How Much Does a Pallet of St. Augustine Sod Cost?

The most commonly available St. Augustine grass varieties in the North Dallas area are Common, Raleigh and Palmetto.

You will pay between $230 and $350 for a pallet of St. Augustine sod delivered.

Main Street Lawn Care and Landscaping Team Installing New Sod

How Much Does How Much Does it Cost to Install Sod?

Once you have selected the sod type, grass variety and have arranged for the delivery, you’ll need a sod installer to prepare the ground and install the new sod.

Professional sod installation prices can range between $0.75 – $1.10 per square foot. Keep in mind that installation costs may vary depending on site access, soil conditions and whether existing grass needs to be removed. a Pallet of Sod Cost?

When it’s time to install the new sod, we recommend hiring a professional sod installation company who is willing to send you an estimate outlining the warranty, how much the sod costs and to do the work for you.

It’s important to hire sod installers who have the equipment to properly prepare the installation area, have detailed knowledge of the best types of sod grass for our area as well as established relationships with local sod farms, so that you get the best sod installation North Dallas has to offer.

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