Front Yard Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

When customers contact us requesting front yard landscaping ideas, they are generally looking to enhance their existing landscape. This might include installing landscape edging stonework or selecting plants for a new landscape design that gives their front yard landscape a more unique style or additional curb appeal.

Front Yard Landscaping Design

How to Design Front Yard Landscaping

The landscaping in your front yard is generally the first thing you see when you come home each day, it’s what your neighbors notice each day when they look out their window and it will be the cover photo one day when you decide to sell your home. This is why curb appeal is the number one thing to consider when landscaping your front yard.

A good front yard landscaping design will take into consideration the size of plants in each location. For example, if the front door of your home is tall and grand, plant something tall and grand on either side. Don’t use the same tall and grand plants by the front windows as this will prevent sunlight from getting into the house.

Plant shrubs that mature to an appropriate size for the space and use small ornamental trees if they are close to the house. The last thing to consider is color. We all love to see flowers blooming and the best way to showcase this is by planting annuals either in the very front of your garden beds or in decorative outdoor container garden pots.

Front Yard Landscaping Without Grass

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Where Grass Will Not Grow

Grass is the largest plant we are responsible for and in our front yard landscaping, it’s the most visible. When you have an area of your front yard where grass is not growing, first find out why it’s not growing. Sod costs in the Dallas area are significant, so do your research before deciding to replace the lawn.

Mature trees with a broad canopy cast more and more shade as they grow, limiting the sunlight that reaches the grass trying to grow underneath. If shade is the problem, plant a more shade tolerant grass in this area such as St. Augustine or Zoysia. If shade is not the problem, you can also convert these areas to garden beds with plants or consider building a gravel pathway and use flagstone for stepping stones.

Drought Tolerant Front Yard Landscaping Bed

Drought Tolerant Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Another way to add value to your front yard landscaping would be to use drought tolerant plants. Plants such as Red Yucca, Agave, Salvia and most perennial grasses not only provide a unique look to your front yard and offer significant water savings as well.

Whatever your unique situation might be, front yard landscaping ideas are not only about curb appeal, but creating a space that you look forward to coming home to. Contact Sol Vida Landscaping for more front yard landscaping ideas and to find out how much landscaping costs.

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