Landscaping in the Summer

Landscaping in the Summer

As usual, the Texas summer arrives on the heels of a small spring season like a cannon, fast and fierce. The cool spring breezes are replaced with still and humid air. Many people don’t consider landscaping in the summer and that spring is the only time to plant and create beautiful landscapes, but it’s simply not true. Although the summer season brings warmer temperatures and fewer blooming plants, we are blessed in North Texas with year round landscaping possibilities.


We install landscaping plants in Prosper, Texas throughout the heat of the summer: annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and sod. The important thing to remember when planting during the summer months is that your plants will have different watering requirements. The summer sun will leach more water from your plants so you should plant on providing them with some additional water to help nourish them. As usual, you should plan to water your plants early in the morning before the sun has a chance to steal it from them.

Most spring blooming plants have spent the spring putting on a show for you with their bright and plentiful blooms. Summer is a time for most plants to survive. All plants put in the ground during this time might not have the same burst of growth as they might if planted during the spring. However, there are a few wonderful plants that put on a great show for you and thrive in the hot climate. Palm trees and tropical plants such as Canna and Banana plants are alive and thriving during the summer months. Roses continue to be in full bloom as they soak in the sunshine. Vitex and Crape Myrtle trees are at their most beautiful throughout the summer.


Landscaping is so much more than simply adding plants to your garden bed. In fact, almost half of the landscaping work we are hired to do is for what we call hardscaping. Hardscaping is done outdoors with stone, bricks, rocks, concrete, patio pavers and more.

A great example of hardscaping would be to have a stone retaining wall custom designed and installed to really highlight your garden beds. These retaining walls can be designed with boulder stone, chopped stone or brick and can be dry-stacked in place or mortared together on top of a concrete footing for stability.

Perhaps you have a complicated and underused side yard area where grass never seems to grow. You might consider rock landscaping your side yard by converting it to rock with some gorgeous and natural flagstone to serve as stepping stones.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living projects are a perfect addition to summertime landscaping. Using concrete, concrete pavers or one of the many natural stone options such as travertine or flagstone, you can extend your existing patio space, create custom bench seating, jazz up your grill by surrounding it with custom stone work, or create a fire pit for the coming fall and winter season

Regardless of what your needs are, don’t hesitate to landscape in the summer throughout North Texas. In fact, contacting a professional landscaping company during the summer might just be the perfect idea. In most cases, the spring rush has begun to die down and it would likely be a shorter wait to get on their schedule before the fall rush…which believe it or not, is usually even bigger than the spring.

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