Pool Landscaping Tips and Ideas

6 Pool Landscaping Tips and Ideas

When planning to invest in a swimming pool for your backyard, it’s helpful to think through the landscape and hardscape elements that will add long term value to your DFW home surrounding your new pool.

Here are 6 pool landscaping tips and ideas to consider before installing your new swimming pool.

New Landscaping Around a Pool

What is the best landscaping around an inground pool?

The area around your pool is just as important as the pool itself. When deciding on the landscaping that will surround your pool, we would encourage you to consider how you intend to use the various areas.

For privacy around the pool or to block the view from neighboring homes, we would recommend creating a flower bed planting area with large privacy shrubs.

If you intend to walk around all sides of your pool or need space for jumping and diving, we recommend extending pool decking space in those areas and incorporate thorn free, non-invasive plantings with your landscaping plans.

If you want decorative landscaping and plantings around your pool, consider using river rock instead of mulch along with trees and plants that require less pruning to reduce maintenance and unwanted pool debris.

Pool Equipment Hidden with Landscaping

How can I hide pool equipment with landscaping?

While your pool equipment needs to be accessible, the view of this unsightly equipment can be hidden with a new flower bed and landscaping plants.

Consider planting a large privacy shrub to block the pool equipment. Installing a cedar fence or trellis nearby is another great way to hide your pool equipment.

Cost of New Swimming Pool and Landscaping

How much to put in pool and landscaping cost?

The cost to install a swimming pool will vary greatly depending on the size of the pool, optional water features as well as surrounding outdoor living space.

Landscaping costs will also vary depending on the square footage to be landscaped with plants along with any stone and masonry work.

Most swimming pool and landscaping installations range between $60,000 to $100,000. The swimming pool and outdoor living portion typically takes up about 80% of that budget with landscaping taking up the other 20%.

Landscape Contractor Installing Plants Around Pool

Who does landscaping when buying a pool?

Most swimming pool installation companies design and build the pool and pool decking for you.

You should plan to hire a landscape design and installation company to create and install outdoor living space, landscape plantings, custom stonework and pouring concrete patio areas.

Cost to Install Landscaping Around a Pool

How much cost to expect when landscaping a pool area?

Depending on the overall size and scope of the project, most pool landscaping installations range between $5,000 and $15,000.

These projects would include creating garden bed areas, installing new plants, possibly some stone edging, new sod and drip line irrigation systems.

Best Landscaping Rocks to Install Around a Pool

What is the best landscaping rock to use around a pool?

When installing rock within your pool landscaping, we suggest using a smooth rock between 1”-3” in size and avoid sharp granite stones, small pea gravel and large stones.

Sharp limestone or granite rocks will be hard to walk on, small pea gravel will be tracked into the pool on bare feet and large rocks in planting areas can absorb heat and burn lower plant foliage.

Installing a swimming pool and designing a new landscape is a big investment of time and money. We recommend taking your time to think through how you intend to use the space and partner with a reputable landscape installation company.

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