Best Winter Shrubs North Texas

5 Best Winter Shrubs To Survive North Texas Freeze

As many Texas residents attempt to get back to normal following the February 2021 winter freeze, they are finding some of their once mature and healthy landscape shrubs have been destroyed.

Rather than simply replacing them with the same plants, consider more winter-tolerant north Texas shrubs when selecting plants in your new landscape design.

In this article, we have highlighted 5 of the best winter shrubs to survive freezing north Texas winters. Each of the shrubs listed below grow happily down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit but are considered hardy down to 0.

Holly Shrub in Frisco TX Landscape


Without a doubt, one of the most reliable and cold-tolerant shrubs is the Holly.

Not only can the Holly can survive freezing temperatures, they also tolerate both full shade as well as full sun. The Holly is an evergreen shrub, meaning that you can enjoy full foliage throughout the year.

Finally, we recommend the Holly because it has over 20 varieties offering shrubs between 2 and 20 feet tall and wide and make a great shrub for privacy.

Boxwood Bushes in Planters


Another hardy evergreen shrub is the Boxwood.

Available in a wide range of growth habits, the Boxwood is a dense shrub which makes for an ideal front yard landscaping choice for foundation hedges and concrete patio areas. Some varieties of the Boxwood can show browning foliage after a freeze, but most do not have any issues in colder temperatures making it a great shrub to consider when designing your new landscaping.

Nandina Plant


To add some color and variety to your landscaping, we recommend the Nandina.

Most varieties of Nandina have lime green and burgundy foliage whose color deepens during the winter months. Some Nandina will also grow berries in the winter for added interest. The Nandina can be found in groundcover form to compliment flower bed edging as well as 5 feet tall shrubs great for privacy. Each variety of Nandina is evergreen and easily survive a Texas winter.

Abelia Shrub Planted in Frisco Texas


While a bit wilder in appearance than your typical pruned shrubs, the Abelia brings a softer elegance to your landscape or flower bed that requires little maintenance. Offering prolific summer flowers, the Abelia can be found in low-growing border varieties as well as full grown 5 foot tall shrubs. With an arching and delicate branching structure, you can let the Abelia grow untamed or prune it into a more structured shape. Although delicate in appearance, the Abelia is equipped to handle our winter season.

Red Tip Photinia Hedges

Red Tip Photinia

The Red Tip Photinia may be a bit old-fashioned, but sometimes the old ones are the good ones for a reason.

One of the larger evergreen shrubs to be found in Texas, Red Tip Photinias grow to an impressive 15 feet in height and width. Due to this growth habit, your Red Tip Photinia can also be pruned into tree form.

One of the great attributes of the Red Tip Photinia is the year round interest. You can enjoy gorgeous white blooms along with other north Texas flowers in springtime as well as burgundy streaked foliage and berries in the winter. We recommend considering the Red Tip Photinia for areas of your yard in need of privacy.

Don’t simply replace your frost-bitten landscaping with the same old shrubs. Instead, consider some tried and tested shrubs which can withstand even the unexpected cold.

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