Best Fall Flowers for North Texas

What Fall Flowers are Best in Texas?

Once the heat has passed and summer flowering annuals begin to fade, the fall ushers in bringing us cooler temperatures and a chance to once again get outside and enjoy our landscaping.

While there may not be quite as many plants and flowers to choose from compared to the vast selection of spring flowers that North Texas has to offer, the fall still provides us with many fabulous choices.

In this article, we’ll discuss our top picks for what fall flowers are best to plant in Texas this year to help narrow the decision process and get you started planting outdoors.

Mum Chrysanthemum Flower


Probably the first flower on everyone’s fall list, the Mum, short for Chrysanthemum, can be added to any landscape flower bed or outdoor garden planter to bring bold fall color.

These shrubby plants grow to between 12-14 inches in height and are typically found in yellows, oranges and various shades of red.

Plant or place your pot where the Mum can get plenty of sun. The Mum should survive the majority of the fall season but will die off after a few freezes.

Petchoa Flower


A cross between the Petunia and Calibrachoa, Petchoa is a relatively new fall annual.

Petchoa offers you the large and frilly blooms of the Petunia in a variety of shades including yellow, orange, pink, purple, burgundy and look great along the perimeter of stone flower bed borders.

Plant your Petchoa in full to partial sun and watch them bloom to a height and width of almost 2 feet. The Petchoa provides you with gorgeous blooms throughout the fall season and on into your winter garden bed prep provided the freezes are not too severe.

Celosia Woolflowers


Celosia offers some of the most vibrant fall blooms in any garden and can also be enjoyed earlier in the year with other spring blooming plants.

With a base of dense foliage, the Celosia flower almost takes on the look of coral in bright yellow, red and purple.

The Celosia plant grows to just about 12 inches in height and width. Make sure to plant Celosia in a dry and sunny location to enjoy its blooms throughout the fall season.

English Marigold Flower


Marigold, or Calendula is part of the sunflower family and can be harvested and used for their incredible skin healing properties.

These flowers can be planted in the fall to provide exceptional yellow or orange blooms throughout your garden.

The Marigold should be planted in full to partial sun and can grow to almost 2 feet in height.

Petunia Flowers


Known for their flouncy, blouse-like blooms in almost any color, the Petunia is one of the most beautiful flowers for every garden.

The Petunia is known to be one of the longest blooming annuals that can be enjoyed in almost any garden spot or potted arrangement. They can be included in your late summer landscaping plans and enjoyed through colder weather with other North Texas winter plants.

Primrose Primula Flower


Valued for their striking blooms, the Primrose flower is a smaller blooming annual growing to a maximum height of 6-8 inches.

Plant your Primrose in full to partial sun and it will provide a colorful and delicate accent to any potted arrangement.

Snapdragon Antirrhinum Flowers


The Snapdragon, named because their blooming closely resembles the look of dragon scales, offers a tall and showy bloom to your fall garden.

Growing to almost one foot in height, the Snapdragon blooms themselves make up close to half of the overall plant height.

The Snapdragon blooms range in colors like yellow, orange, pink and red, you will enjoy the scaly blooms throughout the fall season.

Dianthus Flowers


Also knows as Pinks, the Dianthus provides a delicate bloom, accenting any small spot in your garden or outdoor pot.

While the Dianthus will typically only bloom until the first freeze of our winter season, the plant itself is remarkably winter hardy and will often times, bloom again for you in the spring.

Growing to approximately 10 inches in height, Dianthus should be planted in full to partial sun.

When everyone else goes straight for the pansies this fall, have your local North Dallas landscaper plant some of these other stunning fall flowers in your garden this year.

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