Popular Evergreen Shrubs for Collin County Texas

Popular Evergreen Shrubs for Collin County TX

Evergreen shrubs are the backbone of most landscape beds. Because they do not have a season where they shed their foliage completely, you can worry less about when the best time is to plant these North Texas shrubs because they provide year round interest.

There are plenty of evergreen shrubs to choose from in our planting zone in North Texas, but here is our list of 5 of the most popular evergreen shrubs for Collin County, Texas.

Carissa Holly Evergreen Shrub

Carissa Holly

The Carissa Holly is a popular evergreen shrub because of its bold foliage and super compact growing habit. Happy in either the sun or the shade, the Carissa Holly grows to a mature height of 3 feet and width.

Like most Holly shrubs, the Carissa is considered hardy in zones 6-9. This means that it can survive freezing temperatures like other North Texas winter shrubs and is a heat tolerant plant that can live through extreme summer heat. Most people plant the Carissa Holly towards the middle or front of a landscaping bed, leaving room for taller plants in the back.

Elaeagnus Shrub Planted in Collin County, Texas


Commonly referred to as Silverberry, Elaeagnus is well regarded in Collin County, TX for its durability. Elaeagnus is drought-tolerant and grows to a mature height of 6 feet tall but can actually sprawl out to a massive 8 feet in width.

While the Elaeagnus does prefer the sun and can be installed with other summer landscaping plants, they can also tolerate a fair amount of time in the shade as well. Although they are hard to spot, Elaeagnus flowers in the fall and it carries a honeysuckle-like aroma. Consider planting the Silverberry for a privacy hedge row.

Purple Loropetalum Shrub


If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your landscaping with an evergreen shrub, Loropetalum, or Fringe Flower, is a glorious option. With burgundy foliage throughout most of the year and hot pink flowering blooms in early spring, Loropetalum grows to an average of 5 foot in height and width.

Plant your Loropetalum in an area of your landscaping where it has afternoon shade. Loropetalum is a fantastic choice for under a maturing tree or a side yard with afternoon shade.

Pittosporum Evergreen Shrub


Another popular choice when you’re looking for an evergreen shrub, the Pittosporum has plenty to offer. With varieties between 6-12 feet in height and width, you can easily find one that meets your requirements.

The Pittosporum may not flower, but the foliage itself has a easily identifiable “daisy-like” shape making it look as though it’s always in bloom. Pittosporum is happy in the sun or partial shade but does not like freezing temperatures. With a plant hardiness zone between 8-9, we recommend installing this landscaping plant in a sheltered area.

Needlepoint Holly Evergreen Installed in Landscape Bed

Needlepoint Holly

The last evergreen shrub on our list is the Needlepoint Holly. Also called a Willowleaf Holly, the Needlepoint Holly is a fantastic evergreen shrub with a little bit of height. Maturing at 7 ft tall and wide, the Needlepoint is perfect for pruning into a tidy form or even a small tree.

It offers large red berries in the wintertime, this particular evergreen shrub is happy in the sun or shade and can withstand extreme cold temperatures like some of the other winter shrubs that survived the North Texas freeze this year. It’s just hard to go wrong with a Holly.

Next time you find yourself on the lookout for a popular evergreen shrub that will thrive in Collin County, Texas you should consider one of the options listed above or some of their other varieties.

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